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Welcome to Business by Christina!

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram Hi, I'm Christina! I have run through so many ways to bring this site to you that my head was almost spinning. As a coach and consultant, I help small business owners, solopreneurs and hopefuls figure out the ins and outs of having...

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5 Unique Things to Consider
Before Quitting Your 9-5?

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram I’ve read a lot of blog posts about quitting your job and starting a business/blog/online store, etc. Honestly, they're all the same. Save money Don’t burn bridges Give notice Start with a side hustle Isn’t that good advice? Well,...

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You need a domain name, now. This is Why.

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram Let's get right to it. You need to own your business name as your domain. PERIOD. It doesn't matter if you have other domains that talk about your business, or redirect to your business page. You need to OWN your business name...

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Wielca Forero

W W Excellence, LLC

Great customer service. Got in contact with me fast and gave me great advice. Definitely recommend!

Jose A Figueroa

You’re my go-to person. We need to write it: Christina. Check it: Christina. Make it better: Christina. What would we do without you?! Thanks!

Rodney Florez

IDS Document Consultants, LLC (formerly Gapti Services, LLC)

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